Pastor John Clark

Pastor John Clark: Thanksgiving Live at Pastor Johns House 1

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Artist: Pastor John Clark
Title: Thanksgiving Live at Pastor Johns House 1

Every Thanksgiving, saints from different places gather at Pastor John's house to praise the Lord and share in the fellowship of the light of Christ. With the exception of the old gospel song, 'Everybody Will Be Happy Over There', all the songs on this album were written by Pastor John and sung during one of the yearly Thanksgiving gatherings. If you enjoy lively meetings of people praising God, you will very much enjoy some fo these songs. We believe in praising the Lord and worshiping him 'in spirit and in truth'. The last track on the album, 'J-E-S-U-S', is a recording of a spontaneous 'Jesus riot' that broke out during an impromtu recording session in Pastor John's office! By the end of the track, there is an explosion of exaltation of the name of Jesus such as you have probably never heard before. Listen to it, and if anything can possibly make a person feel like praising God, this is it!

1.1 The Rose
1.2 There's a Man
1.3 Jesus' Fax Machine
1.4 The Book of Hebrews
1.5 Together in Unity
1.6 Because I'm His
1.7 Let Me Follow Him
1.8 Everybody Will Be Happy Over There
1.9 The Lord Is a Refuge for Me
1.10 J-E-S-U-S!

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