Pat Guadagno

Pat Guadagno: Chestnuts & Redemption

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Artist: Pat Guadagno

Artist: Pat Guadagno
Title: Chestnuts & Redemption

On Christmas I Got Nothin' - thanks to Phillies Fan Chuck Brodsky for allowing me to disassemble his artwork. My kids still ask me if we're really Jewish Little Strummer Boy - thanks to Bobby Mac for the title Sister Clarissa - Our Lady of the Blessed Bingo Chip Winter Wonderland - God Bless Steve Goodman Redemption Song - while maybe not yet a Christmas classic to everyone, it was to Shelly and he never heard me sing it O Holy Night - there's nothing like singing with your kid New Christmas Drum - we never had a working title for this one and I couldn't do a record without a Tater Tune A' Soalin' God Bless Mary Travers Cure for the Blues -Tim boasts, usually over a dozen or so Tequila's, about having written the only Christmas song to contain the dreaded M word Carol of the Kings - Andrea asks 'play that song that sounds like Greensleeves' Full Force Gale - the Candle Brothers in all their spiritual splendor The Christmas Song - Richard Blackwell the greatest of all time.

1.1 I Got Nothin
1.2 Strummer Boy
1.3 Sister Clarissa
1.4 Winter Wonderland
1.5 Redemption Song
1.6 O Holy Night
1.7 New Christmas Drum
1.8 A Soalin'
1.9 Cure for the Blues
1.10 Carol of the Kings
1.11 Full Force Gale
1.12 The Christmas Song (Feat. Richard Blackwell)

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