Pat Meade

Pat Meade: Trail Songs & Campfire Ballads

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Artist: Pat Meade

Artist: Pat Meade
Title: Trail Songs & Campfire Ballads

An acoustic classic cowboy album.

1.1 Red River Valley - Pat Meade, Robbins, Marty
1.2 The Cowboy and the Lord - Pat Meade, Smith, Terry
1.3 The Belle of the Ball - Pat Meade, Buffham, Les
1.4 Ride Cowboy Ride - Pat Meade, Robbins, Marty
1.5 If I Could Rope a Sunset - Pat Meade, Anslinger, Jeff
1.6 Modern-Day Cowboys - Pat Meade, Smith, Terry
1.7 Cross the Brazos at Waco - Pat Meade, Walker, Billy
1.8 Don't Let Me Hit It Too Hard - Pat Meade, Smith, Terry
1.9 Just An Old Cowboy - Pat Meade, Buffham, Less
1.10 God Must Be a Cowboy at Heart - Pat Meade, Seals, Dan
1.11 Willie - Pat Meade, Smith, Terry
1.12 Hear'em Cry Cowboy - Pat Meade, Buffham, Less
1.13 A Cowboy Named Jesus - Pat Meade, Boyle, Gary
1.14 The Little Brown Dog and the Little Green Frog - Pat Meade, Smith, Terry

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