Pat Van Dyke

Pat Van Dyke: New Memories / Alright By Me (45 Mix)

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Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Pat Van Dyke

Title: New Memories / Alright By Me (45 Mix)
Label: Stereo Vision Recs
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Any 45 by musician and composer Pat Van Dyke is a must own-the tastiest of treats for your turntable. This fresh platter of wax builds upon the success of Van Dyke's 2018 full length effort "Hello, Summer" which received overwhelming support and praise from Pitchfork, Wax Poetics, Fleamarket Funk and more. Pitchfork nicely summed up that LP: The New Jersey jazzman combines hip-hop sensibilities with the precision of Count Basie in a collection of highly controlled compositions that are nonetheless warm, languid, and dedicated to the funk. Pat's dedication continues to be on display on everything he touches-this time on two brand new cuts; "New Memories" b/w "Alright By Me". Both tracks burst with melody, the right amount of breeziness and cleverness. Recorded at home on the vintage Tascam 388 Eight Track tape machine, Pat performed the rhythm section tracks on his own before adding featured soloists Zac Colwell (Saxophone on "New Memories") and Matt Chertkoff (Guitar on "Alright By Me"). Van Dyke's work is unbeatable and he's managed to keep his releases in a cadence that keeps audiences hungry and quality control top of mind. A sureshot. And as always, best paired with a fine IPA or that Sunday morning coffee.

1.1 New Memories
1.2 Alright By Me (45 Mix)

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