Patricia Bardon

Patricia Bardon: Carmen (Sung in English)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Patricia Bardon

Title: Carmen (Sung in English)
Label: Chandos

1.1 Prelude
1.2 In the Plaza
1.3 Just Look at That Delicious Morsel
1.4 Here Come Our New Soldier Boys
1.5 Jose! There Was a Girl Here Looking for You Just Now
1.6 Off with You Old Soldier Boys
1.7 Corporal! Sir!
1.8 We Have Heard the Bell Summon Us to Meet Here
1.9 Ah, Just Look!
1.10 But Why Hasn't She Come, Our Carmencita?
1.11 Love's a Bird Wild As Any Rebel
1.12 Carmen! We Will Follow You High and Low!
1.13 The Cheek of It!
1.14 Give Me News of My Mother!
1.15 Your Dear Mother and I Were Leaving Church This Morning
1.16 I See My Mother's Face!
1.17 Wait a Moment - I'm Going to Read the Letter
1.18 Come and Help
1.19 So, Corporal: Tell Me What Happened
1.20 Well, Carmencita: What Do You Have to Say for Yourself?
1.21 Where Are You Taking Me?
1.22 There's An Old Bar in the City
1.23 Careful - It's Lieutenant!
1.24 Entr'acte
1.25 From Far Away Mysterious Sounds
1.26 Bravo, Bravo! More! Keep Dancing!
1.27 Hurrah! Hurrah! the Torero!
1.28 Who's That? It's Escamillo, the Bullfighter from Granada
1.29 Hurrah! Hurrah! the Torero!
1.30 You're Most Kind
1.31 We'll Come with You, Senor Torero
1.32 Toreador, Be Ready!
1.33 At Last! We Got Rid of Them As Quickly As We Could
1.34 There's a Little Job That We're Starting!
1.35 Being in Love Is Not a Reason
2.1 To Bid You Welcome to Our Bar
2.2 La la la la la la la la
2.3 Back to Camp!... Go at Once!
2.4 That Flow'r You Threw to Me I Treasured
2.5 No, It's Not Love at All!
2.6 Hello! Carmen!
2.7 Lieutenant Fair, It's True
2.8 The Sky Above the Open Road
2.9 Entr'acte
2.10 Keep Going, Dear Old Friend, Kep Going!
2.11 Right! Let's Stop for a While
2.12 Shuffle! Cut Them!
2.13 In Vain You Would Avoid the Bitter Things They're Saying
2.14 You're Back!
2.15 As for That Man, It Should Be Easy!
2.16 Is This the Place?
2.17 I Say That There's Nothing to Fear
2.18 It's Him! I'm Sure It's Him Over There!
2.19 Escamillo Is My Name, and I Come from Granada
2.20 She Had a Lover Here
2.21 Hola! Hola! Jose!
2.22 You Should Take Care, Carmen
2.23 Alas! Jose, Your Mother Is Ill
2.24 Entr'acte
2.25 A Few Cuartos! a Few Cuartos!
2.26 Here They Come! Here They Come!
2.27 If You Love Me, Carmen
2.28 It's You! It's Me!
2.29 Viva! Viva! What a Corrida!

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