Patrick Bernard

Patrick Bernard: Om

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Patrick Bernard

Title: Om
Label: CD Baby

A flow of spiritual sound vibrations. The sacred syllable OM is the seed of intimate self-realization. Reciting it mentally while regulating one's breathing, or just be absorbed in the spiritual sound vibration, is a transcendental technique practiced by great yogis. Through this technique one achieves a state of profound oxygenation. Spiritual sound vibrations have healing potential. Anxiety is reduced, as well as heart and respiratory rates. Immune cell messengers are increased. Blood pressure is lowered. Cardiac complications are also reduced. Natural opiates are boosted and there is a drop in stress hormones. Moreover, harmful mental habits are cured. Since the mind represents the axis which direct the active organs, if we transform the nature of mental functions (thinking, feeling and wanting), the activity of the senses will be modified accordingly. Spiritual sound is capable of bringing forth the desired mental and sensory transformation and OM forms the first seed, the key to all spiritual sound vibration. The power of OM is such that it can heal those who suffer mental and physical imbalance. OM is the most important word in all Vedic literature, the basis of all vibrations, and the sound representation of the Divine. As such, OM can heal the spirit soul from the disease of illusion. OM holds all the powers of the Absolute and is in no way different from God. OM is a combination of the letters A, U and M. The letter A refers to the supreme Father, friend of all entities and the ruler of all material and spiritual planets. It is the static wave. The letter U indicates the power of the divine feminine nature of God, he supreme Mother, or the wave of resonance. The letter M indicates the living beings, one with God in quality; it is the oscillation wave, a marginal energy. By singing or listening to OM and it's particular harmonics, we realize that this power is divine and unifying energy in all it's aspects. This recording is a perfect sonic environment for all types of meditation and healing activities.

1.1 Om Pure Meditation
1.2 Om Angel Abyss
1.3 Om Magic Pond
1.4 Om Ancient Forest
1.5 Om Psychoacoustic Ocean
1.6 Om Auspicious Rain
1.7 Om Eternal Stream
1.8 Om Medicine Wheel
1.9 Om Himalayan Dream
1.10 Om Healing Divine Names

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