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Patrick Moraz: Esp

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Artist: Patrick Moraz

Artist: Patrick Moraz
Title: Esp

The Swiss keyboardist first entered the rock scene in 1973 (with Refugee) and in 74 he replaced Rick Wakeman in Yes to record RELAYER. He launched a solo career in 1976 with THE STORY OF I, the first world music album. This is a digitally remastered edition of his 2003 classical offering focusing on etudes, sonatas and preludes.

1.1 Tracks List Available
1.2 Prelude in C Sharp "Little Diamond"
1.3 Prelude in C Sharp
1.4 1st Movement. Allegro in C
1.5 2nd Movement. Andante in G
1.6 3rd Movement. Allegretto in C-F-C
1.7 Prelude in a Minor (Andante Inspired By "Keep the Children Alive")
1.8 Etude in B Flat
1.9 Etude in F Sharp ("Waterfalls")
1.10 Etude-Fugue in a Major (Starts in F Sharp)
1.11 Etude in B Flat Major ("Dynamic Symmetry")
1.12 Etude in F Sharp Major
1.13 Etude in F ("Chords in 5THS")
1.14 Prelude in G and B Flat Major
1.15 Prelude B Minor
1.16 1st Movement. Allegro

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