Patrick Nunn: Sadhana

Patrick Nunn: Sadhana
Title: Sadhana
Label: CD Baby

One track - SADHANA [46mins, 56 secs] 'The most relaxing and inspirational music I have ever heard.' GeNIA 'A little heaven on earth' D Coppen 'Forty plus minutes of pure bliss' Renée Blanche, Night Tides FM 'Excellent for meditation and relaxation - this is a must!' N Jacobs 'It takes you off to a very deep and peaceful place' Deli 'This CD is ABSOLUTELY fabulous! So tranquil and calming' J Hemel 'It's the only music I can chill out to. Highly recommended!' Tasos 'It's fresh, chilled and beautiful.' S Medalyer 'A great CD. Amazing results with calming kids down too.' B Haria 'It has a depth that is very soothing.' G Fraser 'It's tranquility works magic on my 19 month old son.' Shannon 'Best relaxation CD we have heard.' V Blackett 'Just received your CD and I think it's fantastic!' Kevin, Cosmic Island 'One of the most extraordinarily beautiful new recordings I've heard.' George Cruickshank, Ultimathule FM FULL REVIEWS (more at base of page) ------------------- Reviewer: dmcoppen - 'Patrick's clever use of sound and music combine to take you to a place of reflection and reconciliation, where you can put the days stresses and difficulties into perspective. You leave that place feeling calmer and more able to face the challenges of an inner city life. A hot bath, candles, a soothing drink of your choice and Patrick's CD - a little heaven on earth.' Reviewer: jacquie hamel (LONDON) - 'This CD is ABSOLUTELY Fabulous! So tranquil&calming. Whilst listening to it I felt like i was in another place, far away from 'the madding crowd'. Afterwards I felt really energised+ ready to face another day out there in the urban madness of the city!' Reviewer: biggy (London) - 'I have my GCSEs coming up and I have always found most music distracting when trying to revise. However, a friend reccomended Sadhana, and I purchased a copy. It really has helped me to concentrate on my revision as it is so relaxing and peaceful-well worth a buy for anyone stressing over forthcoming exams and revsion! Play it the night before your exams as you go to sleep to encourage a peaceful sleep before the big day.' Reviewer: tasos232 - 'Well the title just about sums it up! It is the only music i can chill out to and relax. Forget the mundane routine of the day and find a more soothing relaxing place to be. Highly recommended!' Reviewer: delitalisa - 'This is CD is cool and calming yet energising and exciting at the same time. Close your eyes and lay down and it takes you off to a very deep and peaceful place where you can relax and rebirth.' Reviewer: Stacey Medalyer (Surrey, England) - 'It's a must if you are looking for a relaxing album. Pat Nunn is very talented and this album proves it. It's fresh, chilled and beautiful. Totally takes you to a different dimension.' Reviewer: bj__h - 'A great CD - transports you to your own inner space - allowing you to chill out, meditate, or just to think and be, without being intrusive. Amazing results with calming kids down too.' Reviewer: Miss Ginny Fraser (London United Kingdom) - 'I love Pat Nunn's work, but this is particularly good. It is the best for chilling after a tough day and I really like it as background music when I have a massage. It is not plinky-plink New Agey, but has a depth that is very soothing.' ABOUT PATRICK NUNN ------------------- Patrick Nunn's work is often collaborative based working with a broad spectrum of disciplines including film, theatre, dance and performance art. Momenta, his most recent collaborative venture has become part of Ballet Rambert's repertoire and is currently touring the UK. His sensual and dramatic score for Genet's silent film Un Chant d'amour toured the UK in 1998 returning to the Barbican as part of the BITE series in 2003 as an adaptation for piano. In 2002, his evocative score for Concentric Circles' production of Racine's Phaedra ran for over a month at Riverside Studio's. Patrick has been commissioned by ensembles such as Icebreaker, Piano Circus, The Gogmagogs, The New London Children's Choir, PM Ensemble, Ephyra, Sub Divo and Charlie Barber & Band to name just a few. His work has gained many prestigious awards including the Gregynog Award, BBC Radio 3 Composing for Children Award and more recently The Royal College of Music Rarescale Prize. He has also worked outside the classical arena in projects such as Jaz Coleman's (Killing Joke) arrangement of the Doors Concerto (DECCA) with Kennedy. Recent work includes 3:5 (solo piano), Gonk (bassoon and tape), Escape Velocity (accordion and string quartet) and Gaia Sketches for solo cello utilising the extraordinary hyper-bow developed at MIT. A CD of his concert work is planned for the future.

1.1 Bless Me Indeed
1.2 Come on and Praise the Lord
1.3 I Will Wait
1.4 Glorious Light
1.5 Mighty God
1.6 Put It Under the Water
1.7 My Friend, Run to the Rock
1.8 This Is What to Say
1.9 There Is a Light
1.10 Bring It to Me

Patrick Nunn: Sadhana

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