Patrick Wolf: Wind in the Wires

Patrick Wolf: Wind in the Wires
Title: Wind in the Wires
Label: Tomlab

WIND IN THE WIRES is the next chapter of Patrick Wolf's story, and it leads US down the wild ancient landscapes of the West Country to the sound of night trains, plucked pianos and gypsy strings. The album takes it's name from the sound Patrick heard during an October stay in a wooden hut, perched on a cliff in Cornwall listening to the wind blow through the pylons that ran along the costline.

1.1 Libertine
1.2 Teignmouth
1.3 Shadowsea
1.4 Wind in the Wires
1.5 Railway House
1.6 Gypsy King
1.7 Apparition
1.8 Ghost Song
1.9 This Weather
1.10 Jacob's Ladder
1.11 Tristan
1.12 Eulogy
1.13 Lands End

Patrick Wolf: Wind in the Wires

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