Patrik Torsson

Patrik Torsson: At the Line of the Border

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Patrik Torsson

Title: At the Line of the Border
Label: Saint Marie

2011 release from the Swedish artist. Previous releases by Patrik Torsson could be classified as organic Electronica. At the Line of the Border is much simpler and naked. The songs were constructed in the cold part of the year, and you can almost feel the cold Swedish winter with each track. His melancholic melodies and voice still often draw comparisons to Thom Yorke of Radiohead. The goal was to catch a certain state of mind. Patrik and many others believe the goal was realized.

1.1 Bitterness
1.2 Precollapse
1.3 Kill
1.4 Your Only Hopes of Finding You
1.5 Meteorology
1.6 Time
1.7 The Only Way
1.8 Toes
1.9 Thunderstorms
1.10 Say Ok
1.11 Astronomy
1.12 Complicate
1.13 Swing
1.14 Push
1.15 At the Line of the Border
1.16 Summary

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