Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander: Place with Life

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Alexander

Title: Place with Life
Label: CD Baby

Euphoria, love, broken-heartedness, abandonment, and a hard-nosed stance toward life are major themes that Paul Alexander builds upon in his debut CD, 'Place With Life,' which includes songwriting influences of the in-depth feelings often written about in Billy Corrigan's and Perry Farrell's songs to the melodies and sounds of artists like Depeche Mode, Enigma, and Dead Can Dance. But these songs are all Paul's own. In fact, this album is (largely) a look at his own life in the last 3 years, as well as the lives of people who are (or at one time, were) important to him, or influenced him in an important way. Paul shares the wisdom he has gathered in his own life in a meaningful way with you. Although these are his experiences, they could very well (and very likely at some point) be your own. For example, in featured songs like: 'Your Guide for Once,' Paul talks about the time(s) we have all faced when we want someone to come back who has either left or has never given their own feelings a chance. It can be even more painful to realize that the person(s) you care about are ignoring their own feelings more than your own. At times like these, we need to look within and motivate ourselves to rise to new levels of belief and awareness that we control our own lives and destinies. Paul illustrates these important points in his new album, intentionally adding his own personal knowledge, and reminding people that developing some type of spiritual awareness in their lives (even if it is not necessarily 'religious') will always see them through. Paul Alexander's introspective journey reminds us that our lives are made up of hundreds of different elements, issues, trials, and tribulation. Paul reminds us that we control our own lives and destinies, as well as determine what we make of them.

1.1 Find a Way
1.2 Your Guide for Once
1.3 Movin' to California
1.4 Sacred Room
1.5 His Majesty's Sweet Revenge
1.6 Certain Obsession
1.7 In Light of Darkness
1.8 The Finish Line

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