Paul Avgernios

Paul Avgernios: Garden of Delight

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Avgernios

Artist: Paul Avgernios
Title: Garden of Delight

A magic carpet ride with Paul Avgerinos through the splendorous cradle of civilization, featuring guest artist Omar Faruk Tekbilek. Exotic, sensual, hypnotic, mysterious, enchanting - Middle East dances with West - Blissful joy in the GARDEN OF DELIGHT.

1.1 Rose of Heaven
1.2 Bird of Paradise
1.3 Stargazer
1.4 River of Life
1.5 Passion Flower
1.6 Garden of Delight
1.7 Lily of the Valley
1.8 Tree of Life
1.9 Jasmine
1.10 Night Blooms
1.11 Queen of the Night

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