Paul Cebar: Upstroke for the Downfolk

Paul Cebar: Upstroke for the Downfolk
Title: Upstroke for the Downfolk
Label: CD Baby

The second full length offering in the ongoing Cebar saga came rolling down the pike in autumn of 1995. Originally released on Milwaukee based DON'T records(a little indie that could, at least for a little while),this disc boasts Cebar's most prominent radio 'hit' in the lead-off cut,'DIDN'T LEAVE ME NO LADDER'. The album careens with considerable aplomb through the many genres Cebar and his talented cadre of co-conspiritors feel firmly at home exploring. Highlights include the Afro-Cuban infused,RUN WILD,BREATHE EASY, the New Orleans rooted,HOLD ME TO YOUR BONES,Congo-inspired, A KNIFE AND A ROSE,the Meters-esque DON'T LEAVE ME LISTLESS, boogaloo-based I CAN'T DANCE FOR YOU, and Paul's haunting late night secular prayer,SOMEWHERE WE BOTH BELONG.

1.1 Didn't Leave Me No Ladder
1.2 Please Don't Tell Me More
1.3 I Can't Dance for You
1.4 I Ain't Ready
1.5 Run Wild, Breathe Easy
1.6 Bright Night Train
1.7 Hold Me to Your Bones
1.8 Blood and Water
1.9 Don't Leave Me Listless
1.10 Love Don't Have a Clue
1.11 A Knife and a Rose
1.12 Sliver Moon
1.13 The Wild Water
1.14 Somewhere We Both Belong

Paul Cebar: Upstroke for the Downfolk

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