Paul Chain: Alkahest

Paul Chain: Alkahest
Title: Alkahest
Label: Minotauro
Product Type: VINYL LP

Probably the best known Paul Chain's release. Alkahest knits together two disparate chapters; the first half of the record is pretty groovy, slightly space rock-flavoured doom that represents a wonderful and psychedelic experience. The last four songs are a descent into madness via grisly, heaving riffs and the alternatively gurning and mournful vocals of Lee Dorrian.

1.1 Roses of Winter
1.2 Living Today
1.3 Sand Glass
1.4 Three Water
1.5 Reality
2.1 Voyage to Hell
2.2 Static End
2.3 Lake Without Water
2.4 Sepulchral Life

Paul Chain: Alkahest

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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