Comstock Paul

Comstock Paul: Good Girl Art

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Artist: Comstock Paul

Artist: Comstock Paul
Title: Good Girl Art

Ninety percent high-gain electric guitars cranked to 11, centered on a songwriting emphasis and originality. Designed for those who ache to hear a new but reassuring twist on roaring Fenders and Gibsons, and want to jump up and dance and sing along. Your soundtrack for tearing down the interstate with the windows down in the middle of July. Designed to drain the tension out of your head at the end of the day.

1.1 Appalachian White
1.2 Don't Run to Me
1.3 Good Girl Art
1.4 Give Me a Try
1.5 No One Knew
1.6 The City's Cradle
1.7 Dreamily
1.8 Red Tail
1.9 Under Your Spell
1.10 Mystery

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