Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman: Black Composer Series: Complete Album Collection

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Freeman

Title: Black Composer Series: Complete Album Collection
Label: Masterworks

Ten CD set. In the 1970s, CBS Masterworks made a groundbreaking series of recordings featuring the music of black composers. The nine LPs released all featured the pioneering conductor Paul Freeman. Sony Classical is proud to reissue the complete Black Composer Series in a single original album collection with each CD remastered from the original analogue tapes. The composers featured span several centuries and come from many different backgrounds. A bonus tenth album features Hale Smith's Symphonic Spirituals, arrangements of 12 spirituals for voice and orchestra originally released by Paul Freeman in 1979. The many superb performers in this collection include the London Symphony Orchestra, the Baltimore and Detroit Symphony Orchestras and the Juilliard String Quartet. But is it the composers, many still little known today, who are the true stars of this milestone collection.

1.1 I. Allegro
1.2 II. Andante
1.3 III. Allegro Assai
1.4 I. Allegro
1.5 II. Rondeau: Tempo Di Minuetto; Grazioso
1.6 I. Allegro
1.7 II. Rondeau
1.8 Scena from "Ernestine"
2.1 I. Moderato Assai
2.2 II. Adagio
2.3 III. Animato
2.4 IV. Lento Con Risolutione
2.5 What Does He Know of Dreams ?
2.6 You're Wonderful, Mary
2.7 Onaway! Awake, Beloved from "Hiawatha's Wedding Fest"
2.8 Danse Nègre
3.1 Markings
3.2 I. Allegro
3.3 II. Grave
3.4 III. Allegro
4.1 I. Largo - Allegro Strepitoso - Allegro Moderato
4.2 II. Lento
4.3 III. Allegro Vigoroso
4.4 I. Marcha Grotesca
4.5 II. Meditación
4.6 III. Pasillo
4.7 IV. Danzonete
4.8 V. Nocturno
4.9 VI. Mejorana
4.10 VII. Plegaria
4.11 VIII. Allegro Final
5.1 I. Introitus: Requiem Aeternam
5.2 II. Kyrie Eleison
5.3 III. Gradual: Requiem Aeternam
5.4 IV. Sequence: Dies Irae - Ingemisco - Inter Oves
5.5 V. Offertorio: Domine Jesu Christe
5.6 VI. Sanctus - Beneditcus
5.7 VII. Agnes Dei
5.8 VIII. Communio: Lux Aeternam
6.1 I. Allegro
6.2 II. Adagio Ma Non Troppo
6.3 III. Allegro Moderato
6.4 I. Fast - Janos Starker
6.5 II. Blues - Janos Starker
6.6 III. Fast - Janos Starker
7.1 Sahdji (Ballet for Orchestra ; Chorus)
7.2 I. Joyful Day
7.3 II. Nostalgia
7.4 III. Akinla
7.5 Lyric for Strings
8.1 Akwan for Piano, Electronic Piano, Amplified Strings, and Orchestra
8.2 Squares (An Essay for Orchestra)
8.3 Visions of Ishwara
9.1 I. Quarter Note = 72
9.2 II. Quarter Note = 63
9.3 III. Quarter Note = 120
9.4 Celebration
9.5 Ritual and Incantations
10.1 Lift Every Voice and Sing
10.2 Jesus Lay Your Head in
10.3 Honor Honor
10.4 He Never Said Mumballi
10.5 A Change Has Got to Come
10.6 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
10.7 Gospel Train
10.8 Let Us Break Bread Together
10.9 Witness
10.10 The Revival
10.11 This Little Light of Mine
10.12 Deep River

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