Paul Goldman

Paul Goldman: Wild Joy Released

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Artist: Paul Goldman

Artist: Paul Goldman
Title: Wild Joy Released

This Ecstatic Spoken Word poetry is drawn from three volumes of poetry, Wild Joy: Ruminations; Today Comes a Blessing: Poems of Presence and In Divine Repose all of which are soon to be published. Whether the voice of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi himself, the Beloved or some other entity of good and holy intent has spoken, that is for others to decide. Acclaimed Ecstatic Poet Paul Goldman has tried to transcribe the ecstatic words which flowed through both his heart and fingertips to the best of his human ability. This body of work has been highly praised! Referring to the volume Wild Joy: Ruminations, Vern Barnet, "Faiths and Beliefs" Columnist, The Kansas City Star and Minister Emeritus, Center for Religious Experience and Study, Inc. offered this cogent confirmation: '....The wild, holy energy within this book can burst forth only from a "man who has lost himself in love," such as Rumi and other seers, whose poetry this volume now joins." Musical accompanist Tom Jacobs is a highly accomplished musician whose specialty is creating Sacred Music that resonates with the sounds of the ages, at one moment a troubadour and another moment a monk chanting holy prayers. The Sound Engineer for Studio V Audio, LLC stated that in his over thirty year career he had never been so emotionally moved by a production he was involved with. He went on to state that the owner of the Video Media Company where he was housed, upon hearing a track from this CD, stated that he found it to be 'both intimate and overpowering', a phenomenal response to this meditative journey of Divine love.

1.1 Preface
1.2 Be
1.3 Healing Flower
1.4 Mystic Well
1.5 Wild Joy
1.6 A Waltz Has Begun
1.7 Heart Opening
1.8 Chant Love
1.9 Silent Nothing
1.10 Between the Madness
1.11 Lost Himself in Love
1.12 Birthed
1.13 Ashes
1.14 Infinite Bliss
1.15 About Time
1.16 Once Let Go
1.17 Chasing Life By the Abundant Tail
1.18 Taste the Nectar
1.19 Sudden Appearance
1.20 Echoes of the Masters
1.21 Inner Eyes Opened
1.22 In Divine Repose
1.23 Wake Up
1.24 Unseen
1.25 And the Heavens
1.26 Light Beckons
1.27 Speak Drum
1.28 Life Is a Meditation
1.29 Have You Heard
1.30 Kisses of the Beloved

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