Paul Hyde: Love and The Great Depression

Paul Hyde: Love and The Great Depression
Title: Love and The Great Depression
Label: Bongo Beat Records

LOST 1996 SOLO ALBUM FINALLY AVAILABLE Paul Hyde is the lead singer for The Payolas, a powerful 80 s alternative band he co-founded with guitarist Bob Rock, who has since become a major rock producer (Cult, Metallica, etc). In 1996, Paul released Love And The Great Depression, his second solo album. On a small indie label, it sank without a trace and most of the copies sat in a warehouse for over 15 years. Bongo Beat has rescued this wonderful album and is re-releasing it worldwide. An incredibly powerful Celtic influenced masterpiece that will not disappoint fans of Paul Hyde's intense songwriting. With the cream of Canada's west coast roots/rock musicians: Robbie Steininger (Sue Medley), Matt Frenette (Loverboy), Jerry Adolph (Chilliwack), Miles Hill (Rankin Family), Vince Ditrich, John Mann & Linda McCrae (Spirit of The West), Howie Vickers (Collectors), etc.

1.1 Lucky Face
1.2 Started Smoking Again
1.3 If You Love Someone
1.4 Pie Eyed
1.5 When Love Dies
1.6 Your Sweet Kiss
1.7 Fear of Flying
1.8 Death Fell in Love with Her Voice
1.9 The Sea's Too Dangerous
1.10 Where's All the Love Gone in the World
1.11 I Can't Get You Out of My Head
1.12 Dollar Bill
1.13 (Intro) and the World Kept Turning
1.14 And the World Kept Turning

Paul Hyde: Love and The Great Depression

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