Paul Lippert

Paul Lippert: Rainbow in the Sky

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Lippert

Artist: Paul Lippert
Title: Rainbow in the Sky

A joyful, delicious mix of songs sure to tickle the taste buds of ears of all ages, crossing styles from pop to folk to bluesy rock.

1.1 How Much for the Apples?
1.2 Hey Daddy
1.3 Me and My Teddy Bear
1.4 Good Morning to the World
1.5 Over the River and Through the Wood
1.6 Bubbles in My Bath
1.7 Shake My Sillies Out
1.8 Rainbow
1.9 Where Are My Feelings?
1.10 Dance to Your Daddy
1.11 Silly Sally
1.12 Mockingbird
1.13 Clara
1.14 Bingo
1.15 Branching Out (I'm Gonna Reach)

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