Paul Madryga

Paul Madryga: Tone Colour Paintbrush

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Artist: Paul Madryga

Artist: Paul Madryga
Title: Tone Colour Paintbrush

Tone Colour Paintbrush is a short musical journey, both geographical and historical - it begins with three sketches of Spain's glorious past, carries on to a cool autumn day in Cuba, pays tribute to some of the guitar's recent heroes (of which there were many in the 70's), and wraps up with contemporary offerings from America and Australia. Paul is pleased to present some of his favourite concert and gig pieces on this CD - enjoy!

1.1 Turegano
1.2 Torija
1.3 Montemayor
1.4 Un Dia de Noviembre
1.5 Embryonic Journey
1.6 Rain Song
1.7 Little Wing
1.8 Andecy
1.9 Waiting for Dawn
1.10 God of the Northern Forest
1.11 Kinkachoo, I Love You
1.12 Fantasia ("... As a Jade Unicorn Might in the Rain... ")

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