Paul Maged

Paul Maged: In My Time

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Maged

Title: In My Time
Label: CD Baby

"My album 'In My Time' ain't no boy band, poppy crap. The songs have emotional depth, are spiritual and reflective in nature, and there's actually some intelligence behind them." -Paul Maged, 2007- Madison Square Garden Event- A child of Rock N' Roll and Rhythm and Blues, Paul's music is an eclectic mix of Classic Rock infused with current Indie and Alternative Rock flavors and attitudes. Among others you will hear influences such as Billy Joel, Pearl Jam, The Killers, The Beatles, The Strokes, Elvis Costello, Sam Cooke, and more. The making of "In My Time", Paul's first solo effort, concludes quite an exploratory journey for Paul as the ideas, music and lyrics began to pour out of him soon after the untimely passing of his father. The title track was the first one written for the album and it came to Paul during a dream, after which point he awoke, went straight to his keyboard and literally wrote the entire song (music and lyrics) in 30 minutes. The CD explores raw emotions in various forms. Lyrically, "In My Time" shows such diversity as Paul strives to connect with his audience using Universal themes such as love, loss, time passing by, the world we're living in and the world we're going to. Paul doesn't mince words. He's very candid; letting you into his own world, the people around him and the current state of the world as he views it. Paul's vocals have been described as "fiery and passionate with impeccable phrasing and style" by The Village Voice. His live performances have been called "candid and riveting" by Backstage and his work on this CD only supports those positive thoughts. Adding to Paul's vision, "In My Time" showcases some killer guitar work. Joe Friedman who's worked with George Benson, among others, lends his talents on electric and absolutely rocks out on songs like "Asleep At The Wheel Of The Universe", the hardest driving song on the album, and "Too High, Too Low" which has a relentless drive to it. Similarly, the great John McCurry who's worked with artists such as Cyndi Lauper, Julian Lennon and Billy Joel plays on the CD. His work is felt in songs like "Janie", a mid-temp rock ballad and "Au Revoir" the R&B infused and heartfelt closing song which is about saying goodbye to someone. In this song the guitar riffs are as bittersweet as the lyrics. A force to be reckoned with in the industry, Paul Maged's stirring and intense debut, "In My Time" has finally arrived. Combining aggressive, original guitar work, intense, fiery vocals, melodies with a hook, and passionate lyrics, Paul has created a Rock Band feel in the form of a Rock Singer-Songwriter.

1.1 Twilight of Youth
1.2 In My Time
1.3 Unknown
1.4 High Tide
1.5 Janie
1.6 Too High, Too Low
1.7 Wild
1.8 Asleep at the Wheel of the Universe
1.9 What's It All About?
1.10 More Than Just Myself
1.11 Carefree
1.12 Au Revoir

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