Paul Mark & the Van Dorens: Metropolitan Swamp

Paul Mark: Metropolitan Swamp
Title: Metropolitan Swamp
Label: CD Baby

Paul Mark & the Van Dorens/'METROPOLITAN SWAMP' (Radiation 5801) Co-produced by Jim Gaines and Paul Mark and recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis. A dozen original tunes by Mark, including the hilarious 'I'm Going Blind', the soul searing 'Bridge to the Other Side' and the cool-swinging 'She Found Religion'. By all means borrow money to buy this CD then listen to 'Who Don't I.O.?' A ferocious and relentless shindig CD. Guaranteed your smart friends will try to steal this disk from you. BAND BIO Barroom tested and road-weary tough, Paul Mark & the Van Dorens carry on the tradition of live, no-holds-barred blues rock with a difference: original songwriting that goes beyond my-baby-left-me-clichés to cover contemporary turf. Biting, witty and ironic, Mark's original lyrics are head and shoulders above the hackneyed toss-offs of most contemporary acts. Hailing from New York City and touring up and down the East Coast for years in a beat-up van, Paul Mark & the Van Dorens are unforgettable to the thousands of fans who've seen them perform. Their first CD release, 'Go Big or Go Home' (RDTN5861) set the stage with a rumbling beat and quick-witted lyrics. That was followed by 'Metropolitan Swamp' (RDTN5801) and then 'Disposable Soul' (RDTN5821). In between Paul Mark released a solo collection, 'Roadside Americana' (RDTN5851). The band embraces elements of the traditional blues band approach but updates it with a hip, knowing - and maybe just a bit twisted - sensibility. The band's rafter-shaking fourth release is titled 'IndigoVertigo' (RDTN5891). Oh, and did we mention? The band delivers an unsurpassed roar, a sloppy southern blues approach that startles in and violates every rule required for MTV rotation. Fierce guitar tones, reckless rhythms that relentlessly churn, caveman vocals that stop you in your tracks, these guys are rough, live and real. Forget the global promotions, bloated studio budgets and airbrushed images of major label acts; check out a real band: Paul Mark & the Van Dorens.

1.1 With Each Heart I Break
1.2 Preacher's Door
1.3 Happy Birthday, Memories
1.4 Walking Home Alone in the Dark
1.5 She Found Religion
1.6 The Saddest Cab in Town
1.7 Who Don't I.O.?
1.8 All the Wrong Dreams
1.9 The Trip We Never Made
1.10 The Secret to My Success
1.11 Bridge to the Other Side
1.12 I'm Going Blind

Paul Mark & the Van Dorens: Metropolitan Swamp

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