Paul Martin

Paul Martin: It Happened

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Martin

Artist: Paul Martin
Title: It Happened

1.1 It Happened
1.2 It's a Long Time 'Til the End
1.3 Echo
1.4 I Have Got That Feelin'
1.5 You Don't Seem to Understand
1.6 Without Your Love
1.7 More Than Me
1.8 What Good Is Your Love
1.9 This Is the End
1.10 The Last Remains of Our Love
1.11 You Were There
1.12 All That's Left
1.13 Yours Is the Life
1.14 How Many Tears Must I Cry
1.15 I Want You
1.16 The Girl Tomorrow Killed
1.17 The Fairy Princess
1.18 The Children

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