Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney: The Family Way (Original Soundtrack)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul McCartney

Title: The Family Way (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Varese Fontana

THE FAMILY WAY is a 1966 British comedy-drama film starring John Mills and Hayley Mills. The soundtrack was composed by Paul McCartney. The recording was arranged and supervised by Beatles producer George Martin. The original 1967 soundtrack recording to THE FAMILY WAY begins with McCartney's theme, "Love in the Open Air", and contains 12 more (untitled) instrumental themes suited to the onscreen action. For his composition, McCartney was initially inspired by the sound of brass bands, familiar to his childhood in the North of England.

1.1 The Cue 2M1 / 2M4
1.2 The Cue 5M1 / 11M3
1.3 The Cue 6M4 / 7M2
1.4 The Cue 6M2 / 1M2
1.5 The Cue 10M1 / 6M3 / 4M1 / 1M3 / 1M4
1.6 The Love in the Open Air
1.7 The Cue 2M5
1.8 The Cue 1M1
1.9 The Cue 7M1
1.10 The Cue 11M1 / 11M2 / 10M3 / 8M1
1.11 The Cue 12M1
1.12 The Cue 13M1
1.13 The Cue 13M2
1.14 The Theme

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