Paul Renslow

Paul Renslow: Los Claveles

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Artist: Paul Renslow

Artist: Paul Renslow
Title: Los Claveles

Guitarist, Paul Renslow, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area where at a young age he was introduced to the guitar by his very musical family. All through grade school Paul studied the guitar learning many styles and performing often. During his teenage years Paul played many different venues in California with several different groups. Each group varying greatly in musical style from classical guitar to heavy metal. He also joined The Flamenco Society of San Jose were he studied the flamenco puro style of Diego del Gastor. In 2001 Paul went to Spain to further his knowledge of Flamenco. In Seville he had the pleasure of studying with Juan del Gastor, nephew to legendary guitarrista Diego. It was in Spain that Paul realized it was Spanish Guitar and Flamenco that truly inspired him and that he could use all his guitar knowledge for. Upon his return to America, Paul started performing around the Bay Area as a guitarist, and in 2004 he released his first solo guitar recording, Recital Flamenco de Paul Renslow, consisting of traditional flamenco rhythms behind intricate Spanish falsetas. Later that year he released another recording, Los Claveles, featuring a mix of traditional flamenco with contemporary rumba rhythms. In 2006 he released 'Guitarrisat Para Siempre' which has the same feel as 'Los Claveles' but is a better example of Paul's unique style. In Paul's latest recording 'Pauloguitar' he explores more deeply into the art of Classical Spanish Guitar in this all solo guitar CD. Paul has thousands of performances to his credit. As a guitarist Paul plays traditional Flamenco, Classical Spanish, World, Latin Jazz, Afro Cuban, and South American guitar that blend into a unique fusion of classical and modern styles.

1.1 El Clavel
1.2 Rumba Uno
1.3 Gitano
1.4 Corrina
1.5 Farruca
1.6 Salsa Blues
1.7 Requiem
1.8 Juegue
1.9 Alegria

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