Paul Roland

Paul Roland: Professor Moriartys Jukebox

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Roland

Title: Professor Moriartys Jukebox
Label: Sireena Records

1.1 Re-Animator
1.2 The Crimes of Dr Cream
1.3 Cairo
1.4 I Was a Teenage Zombie
1.5 Captain Nemo
1.6 Aleistair Crowley
1.7 The Puppet Master
1.8 Tortured By the Daughter of Fu Manchu
1.9 The Hanging Judge
1.10 Nosferatu
1.11 Meadows of the Sea (Unreleased Re-Recording 2007)
1.12 I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Unreleased Acoustic Version 2007)
1.13 Faeries (Unreleased Version)
1.14 Eight Little Whores (Unreleased Version)
1.15 Kali (Unreleased Acoustic Radio Session)
1.16 Bates Motel (Unreleased Acoustic Radio Session)
1.17 I Dared the Devil (Remixed from 'The Devil in Love' Album)
1.18 Death of a Clown (Outtake from 'Sarabande' Sessions)
1.19 Day of the Lords (From 'Shadowplay', the Joy Division Tribute Album)

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