Paul Sawtell

Paul Sawtell: The Last Man on Earth (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Sawtell

Title: The Last Man on Earth (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Label: Monstrous Movie Musi

Monstrous Movie Music presents the premiere release of the soundtrack to The Last Man on Earth (MMM-1969) by the talented team of Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter (Kronos, The Fly, It! The Terror From Beyond Space). This original soundtrack recording from the classic 1964 post-apocalyptic Vincent Price movie is in breathtaking stereo, and it contains all the original music written for the picture.

1.1 Prologue
1.2 Main Title
1.3 Dead Vampires
1.4 Survival
1.5 The Stakes
1.6 Dead Vampires (Taken Away)
1.7 Pit Smoke
1.8 Goes for Supplies
1.9 Killing Vampires
1.10 Vampire Bop
1.11 To the Chapel
1.12 Beside Casket
1.13 Fights Off Vampires
1.14 Finds Vampires at House
1.15 Watching Home Movie
1.16 Retrospect
1.17 Baby's Room
1.18 Smoke
1.19 Taking the Dead Away
1.20 Still Troubled
1.21 The Deserted Lab
1.22 Death of Baby
1.23 Raging Inferno
1.24 Wife Gone
1.25 To the Cemetery
1.26 Face from the Grave
1.27 Sunrise
1.28 New Discovery
1.29 Vampires Iron Stakes
1.30 Dog Is Hurt
1.31 Buries the Dog
1.32 Girl's Existence
1.33 Injection Needle
1.34 Girl Infected
1.35 Transfusion
1.36 Transfusion a Success
1.37 Iron Lancers Attack
1.38 After the Last Man
1.39 Last Man Shot (X)
1.40 Last Man Shot
1.41 End Title
1.42 Beside Casket* Bonus Tracks!
1.43 Fights Off Vampires*
1.44 Finds Vampires at House*
1.45 Face from the Grave*
1.46 End Title*

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