Paul Soniat

Paul Soniat: Born in New Orleans

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Soniat

Title: Born in New Orleans
Label: CD Baby

Born at the old Touro Hospital in New Orleans, Paul Soniat is the son of a North Louisiana school teacher and a New Orleans Frenchman whose family had been in the city since 1727. Paul grew up in Uptown New Orleans on the street that bears his family name. For the past 23 years he has been directing the efforts to turn an old forgotten garden into one of the country's premier Botanical Gardens. A self taught piano player, Paul has absorbed the sights, sounds, and flavor of New Orleans. The CD at first listen is immediately likable. His humor, insight, and ability to capture the essence of his hometown will become evident when you listen to his music. In his title track,'Born in New Orleans', he writes,'couldn't write this song if I wasn't born in New Orleans'. Believe me, that's an honest assessment. Although some of his songs were written many years ago, Born in New Orleans is Paul's debut album. He has performed on numerous occasions for family and friends, but gave his first public performance last year. That performance was a tremendous success. So overwhelmed by the positive response, the demand for his CD was created. Thus began the journey to release 'Born in New Orleans'. So after years of private performances,Paul is excited about the opportunity to share his music with the world. 'One thing that has made me proud of this CD,says Paul,is that in asking five different people what their favorite song is, I may get five different answers. As a songwriter it is a wonderful feeling to know that I was able to reach different people in many different ways with my music.'

1.1 Born in New Orleans
1.2 You and I
1.3 No Guarantee on Love
1.4 Old Man
1.5 Liquor Dreams
1.6 My Garden
1.7 Down in the Quarter
1.8 Late Last Night
1.9 Queen of the Blues
1.10 Jazz Fest
1.11 Face of An Angel
1.12 Rich Bitch from the Garden District

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