Paul Thornton

Paul Thornton: Honky Tonk Hotel

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Artist: Paul Thornton

Artist: Paul Thornton
Title: Honky Tonk Hotel

Before I could talk, my mom taught me all Hank Williams songs and on my 8 year birthday, she gave me an acoustic guitar and at 10 years old, I could play and sing every Hank song. My teens, I was writing and recording my own songs at the Brill Building aka Tin Pan Alley, NYC. Then the 60's era happened and became a FOUNDING MEMBER OF GODZ (NYC 1966). !!! Now, I am back to my country roots with this enhanced EP! This is the long-awaited first solo EP of honky tonk original country blues music! Listen to Paul Thornton self-penned songs: 'Let's raise some hell at the' 'Honky Tonk Hotel' 'and headin' down the highway' with Paul Thornton, 'The Country Music Man'. Listen to the guitar licks on 'Just Like Yesterday'!!! . Listen to the Hank Williams cover of 'Honky Tonkin' set to Bo Diddley music!!!

1.1 Honky Tonk Hotel
1.2 Just Like Yesterday
1.3 Country Music Man
1.4 Honky Tonkin

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