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Paul Weitz: Paul Weitz Trio

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Artist: Paul Weitz

Artist: Paul Weitz
Title: Paul Weitz Trio

THE PAUL WEITZ TRIO Paul Weitz - Guitar Gus Duffy - Drums Matt Van Benschoten - Bass Paul Weitz, who makes his recording debut as a leader on this CD, is a superior bop-based guitarist with a conception of his own. "I play softly, pay close attention to dynamics, and try to make every note count. I prefer to play melodies on top of fresh harmonies rather than have a lot of lines going on." His gentle approach is quite accessible but at the same time he swings hard when the performance calls for it. Paul's harmonically advanced solos are both subtle and quite inventive. Born and raised in Buffalo, Paul Weitz comes from a musical family. His mother played piano professionally during World War II. And his older brother is a gifted guitarist who was quite successful during the early fusion years. Paul picked up valuable experience playing in a variety of bands on the East Coast, performing both dance music and jazz as a sideman. After moving to Los Angeles, he became a leader and dedicated himself to jazz, studying with Ted Greene and Sid Jacobs. "I feel very good about my trio with bassist Matt Van Benschoten and drummer Gus Duffy, who is a successful architect. Gus, who uses brushes most of the time, is very supportive. Matt has 35 years of jazz performance and recording experience. Matt and Gus work together very well and we all felt that it was definitely time for us to record." The trio performs 11 jazz standards with creativity, melodic development, and solid swing. A few highlights stick out. "Autumn Leaves" features the same introduction and chordal melody that Paul had arranged back when he was a teenager, and it still works well. "A Night In Tunisia" sounds a bit different than usual due to the guitarist's chordal approach. Originally it was planned to perform "Poinciana" in a similar way as Ahmad Jamal since the pianist had recorded it's definitive version, but the more the trio performed it, the more original it became. On "Dear Old Stockholm," Paul plays the melody and the chords at the same time, using a technique developed by Lenny Breau. "Beautiful Love" has the trio using a framework often utilized by Keith Jarrett. The guitarist's solo rubato melody leads to a surprise bass solo that sets the stage for the rest of the performance. Paul Weitz, who performs in the Los Angeles area with the trio, a duo, and in a quartet, looks forward to future recordings and performances. So do his growing number of fans in the jazz world. Scott Yanow, Author of ten jazz books including The Jazz Singers, Trumpet Kings and Jazz On Film "The Paul Weitz Trio" I've listened to so many recordings and demo's over the years...quality jumps right out at you with the first note of music, and stays until the last note is played! And so it is with the Paul Weitz Trio recording. Paul's trio consists of himself on guitar, Gus Duffy on drums (architect being his other career!), and Matt Van Benschoten on bass. Matt has 35 years of jazz performance and recording experience. A really simpatico group of musicians...this is such a musical project. Songs include: In Your Own Sweet Way, Sonnymoon, Dear Old Stockholm, Poinciana, Misty Night, Dreamsville, Sometime Ago, Night in Tunisia, Autumn Leaves, Isfahan, Beautiful Love. A lovely array of songs, done in various tempos and styles...done as only a good guitar trio can do. My favorites (is it because I really love these songs, or is it because they are playing them so well...or is it both?) are In Your Own Sweet Way, Dear Old Stockholm, Poinciana, Misty Night, Dreamsville, Sometime Ago. Paul's guitar sound is reminiscent of the people he loved: Angelinos Ted Greene, Sid Jacobs, plus Barney Kessel, Ed Bickert and Lenny Breau. I love this sound, it's so pleasing to the ear and the soul. Matt and Gus are solid on the support, and individually creative...obviously enjoying the playing, which is, after all, what we as musicians are supposed to be doing...and what we audience want to hear! This recording is something that you would put on to play often, always being pleased with the experience...mellow but moving, not weighty, flowing and aesthetic; a really lovely product from The Paul Weitz Trio! Cathy Segal-Garcia '... first rate/top shelf jazz guitar player. I give it a big thumbs up' - Todd Johnson.

1.1 In Your Own Sweet Way
1.2 Sonnymoon for Two
1.3 Dear Old Stockholm
1.4 Poinciana
1.5 On a Misty Night
1.6 Dreamsville
1.7 Sometime Ago
1.8 A Night in Tunisia
1.9 Autumn Leaves
1.10 Isfahan
1.11 Beautiful Love

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