Paula Monsalve: Speak to Me

Paula Monsalve: Speak to Me
Title: Speak to Me
Label: CD Baby

In 1979, Paula decided to go to Spain, where she started singing in Pubs all over Madrid and traveled around Europe with her Latin Folk songs that everybody loved ! After a week landing in Madrid she ended up singing in one of the most prestigious disco places at that time with a famous Venezuelan singer, Balbino, who was recording an album in Madrid. At that performance Julio Iglesias's Manager listened to them and offered a great recording deal as a duet but neither Paula nor Balbino were interested in his offer. While in Madrid, she met Chilean Composer Joakin Bello. From a great musical connection they recorded three albums: HIJO DEL PLANETA-( SON OF THE PLANET)- SE FELIZ-( BE HAPPY) and YO SOY-( IAM). These songs belonged to a New Age Repertoire. They recorded in Santiago, Chile, at Filmocentro Studios. The three albums were recorded by Recording Engineer Jaime de Aguirre. This repertoire was perfect for Paula, who always appreciated the opportunity of singing songs in 3 or 4 minutes, which were meaningful with an interesting message, and this was Joakin's music, songs that make you reflect and enjoy a very spiritual and invisible world through the lyrics and the music. When both met famous Chilean Pianist, Roberto Bravo, in Chile, he was so impressed with Joakin's message and Paula's voice that he invited them to be part of a series of Concerts called ' Roberto Bravo y Amigos ' 'Roberto Bravo and friends'. They are friends today. This was a tremendous impact for Paula, since Roberto accompanied her at the piano with special arrangements written by Joakin specially for theses concerts. At this time Paula became the first new age singer in Latin America. She started to be very active towards Peace and Love . She was part of a large Peace Movement in Chile. Her singing was a tool for a better world at a time of a very difficult political situation in Chile. It was the end of the Dictadura Regime. The Latin American repertoire has always been in Paula's heart. She loves the expression of the country side people, full of traditions, mystic, idiosyncrasy, and simplicity. 'This is the music of our roots, which tells us who we are and where we came from. ' These are the songs she learned when she was a child full of story tales and mystery. Moving to the United States in 1984 Paula felt the need to record an album with a selection of the most traditional well known songs from the end of the Andes, Chile and Argentina, so she recorded YO TENGO TANTOS HERMANOS - I HAVE SO MANY BROTHERS AND SISTERS (name of the song written by Atahualpa Yupanqui), arrangements by Jose Miguel Tobar.' It was very important to tell the people of the United States what latin American folk music was about, to teach them about the variety of rhythms and the origin of each song, the tale behind the images, the music's geography, about the instruments that are used at the highest mountains in The Cordillera de los Andes, the inspiration of this music is so rich and represents so well the heart of a Continent, which is young and fertile and generous in it's spirit. In 1987 the Panamerican Games were located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and millions of people from all over the world visited the city for the games. Paula was asked to perform at the opening ceremony for the games and she invited three great musicians from Chile to do a series of concerts representing Latin American Music. Her brother Roberto (Toti) Monsalve on keyboards and piano, Alejandro Vasquez, saxophone and flutes and Pablo Lecaros on double bass. Paula has performed all over the Mid- West, Arts Places, Colleges, Universities, Churches, Libraries, Summer Festivals, etc. She has been a long term guest artist at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the largest Children's Museum in the world. Her job has been to teach the children Spanish and introduce them to this new exciting and mysterious Latin world. She dresses up with her typical elegant custom outfit, wearing also her Spanish hat .She has been working at the Museum since 1986. She has done hundreds of School presentations all over the Mid-West, introducing Latin Culture and teaching music and dances from Latin America. For her to educate the children about her roots, to tell stories from her country and share her customs and beliefs with others has always been a tremendous goal as an artist. In 1992, The Indiana- Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana, gave her special recognition as an advocate of the Hispanic Culture in the United States. Also the romantic repertoire has been always in her soul, Paula is a romantic singer by heart. She learned the boleros, (danceable love songs Afro Cuban origin ) being a teenager and has never stop singing them. She has a special way of singing boleros, very unique. As an interpreter, Paula enjoys and experiences all styles of music and genres, 'it is an opportunity to dress yourself with the music and travel to different worlds through each song.' She put together a double album of boleros, the most well know of all times. The Spanish version SOLO BOLEROS-( ONLY BOLEROS ) and the English version SPEAK TO ME the English lyrics belong to Brian Braff, a magnificent songwriter who was able to express the exact feeling for these old and traditional boleros . His job was outstanding and sublime. The arrangements and production by Erick Bulling gave to these songs something special, the kind of songs that will be listened to in this world forever. These two albums opened many door for Paula in the Latin World, these songs had been included in an international selection of THE BEST 100 BOLEROS IN HISTORY- LOS 100 MEJORES BOLEROS DE LA HISTORIA., where she sings her style with artists like Los Panchos, Olga Guillot, Celia Cruz, Lucho Gatica, Tito Rodriguez, Pedro Vargas and many others. In 1996 Paula met Conductor Maestro Thomas Elefant, Chilean Born, who at that time was the Conductor of The Richmond Symphony Orchestra. Maestro Thomas invited her to perform with him. This concert included a selection of Latin American songs from several countries from Latin America including Spain and Cuba. The arrangements were written by an extraordinary arranger and musician Rodrigo Apablaza, guitar, ( Santiago, Chile ). At the piano was her brother Roberto (Toti) Monsalve. This concert was so amazing they invited Paula for the next coming season by popular demand, this time under the conducting of Maestro Victor Bordo. After Maestro Elefant's invitation Paula has given several Symphony Orchestra Concerts in the United States and also in Israel. The Ben Dorit Orchestra invited Paula and Rodrigo in 2005 to perfom in Israel under the conducting of Maestro Elefant one more time. At this time she decided to record the album CONCIERTO- CONCERTO, the exact selection of songs that she performs with an Orchestra with the exacts backgrounds.A selection of 13 beautiful tracks. This way the audience could take this concert ' home' . The Anderson Symphony Orchestra invited Paula to be part of their season in the year 2000 under the conducting of Maestro Richard Sowers, and the Marion Philharmonic Orchestra in the year 2006 under the conducting of Maestro Alexander Platt. In the year 2007 Maestro Stanley Derusha invited Paula to perform two concerts with his Chamber Orchestra in Indianapolis, Indiana. For Paula to be accompanied by a Symphony has been one of the most incredible moments of her career--doing her own delicious repertoire in front of a total classical audience, touching the peoples' hearts. Maestro Elefant quote ' It is impossible to pinpoint the exact elements of her artistry that transformed a typical concert into a unique and intimate evening for both audience and orchestra members. Paula is a born artist! Her natural warmth conveyed through her singing as well as her tremendous presence totally captivated the audience through the evening. Her voice is inviting and exotic. She speaks to everyone, and all are touched by her sincere and

1.1 Speak to Me
1.2 How Did I Know?
1.3 Until Your Love
1.4 Fingers
1.5 Life's No Fun Without You
1.6 I Still Miss You
1.7 A Season Without You
1.8 Why Can't They See?
1.9 What Could He Have Done?
1.10 The Story of All Love
1.11 Mientras Existas Tu
1.12 Se Te Olvida

Paula Monsalve: Speak to Me

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