Paulo Sá

Paulo Sá: Brazilian Things

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Artist: Paulo Sá

Artist: Paulo Sá
Title: Brazilian Things

This CD would not be possible without the essential contributions of Felipe Depoli, Igor Nicolai and Yuri Garrido, my fellows musicians in the "Paulo Sá Quarteto". This group helped develop the idea of this new sound, mixing acoustic and non-acoustic instruments, experimenting with some of my originals and Brazilian classics. Through the great support of our agent Mario Buratta, the Paulo Sá Quarteto toured Italy in 2007 and somehow part of this CD has a subtle Italian spirit. Actually, anyone who listens to the whole CD will hear the influences of many different geographic locales and music styles, such as Jazz, Bluegrass, Salsa, Indian, Renaissance and Baroque music, and, of course, my own Choro and Samba roots. It is like hearing all of these influences at once, but with a Brazilian groove holding it all together. After all, that is a Brazilian Thing!

1.1 Ela S Diz Que N O Sabe
1.2 M S de Maio
1.3 Tupi Guaran
1.4 Como As Guias
1.5 San Ncia
1.6 Viajante
1.7 Hoje Dia de Festa
1.8 Coisas Brasileiras
1.9 Sam-Sambado
1.10 Nau FR Gil
1.11 San Diego
1.12 Sol de Estio
1.13 Rai-Kai Bai O
1.14 The New: Vic Is Coming

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