Payton & Crazywater: I Come from Texas

Payton & Crazywater: I Come from Texas
Title: I Come from Texas
Label: CD Baby

Payton & Crazywater was formed in 1997 by brothers Payton Grubaugh and Linc Grubaugh. Both brothers were born in Mineral Wells, Texas, in the rich history of that north central Texas town. Bass guitar player and musical arranger, Linc Grubaugh, was born in the historic Crazy Water Hotel in Mineral Wells, as was their mother and piano player, Doris Ashley. It is from this connection to that historic hotel that the band took it's name. Payton Grubaugh began writing songs in 1996 and the brothers released their first CD as a demo for Payton's songwriting. The CD, entitled, 'Esteban Garcia: A Good Man Gone Bad' was limitedly sold. The band's 2004 release, 'The Sunny Slopes Of Long Ago', has been discontinued and is currently in the works to be re-released in the near future. On their forthcoming CD, 'I Come From Texas', Payton & Crazywater are joined by renowned multi-instrumentalist Milo Deering. Deering is most noted for his recording and touring with Lee Ann Rimes, Jack Ingram, Trout Fishing In America, and Slim Whitman, and even appeared briefly in the Sandra Bullock movie, 'Hope Floats'. There is quite a diversity in the songs on the new 'I Come From Texas' CD, ranging from upbeat Americana and Texas Country songs such as 'I Come From Texas', and 'Texas When I Die', to the soulful, folk-tinged love ballads like, 'I Can Always Love You' and 'Like The First Time'' to the straight- ahead bluegrass song, 'Lonesome Memories'. Together with Milo Deering's instrumental genius, this release will prove to be the best Payton & Crazywater CD in the band's history and was released in October, 2010.

1.1 I Come from Texas
1.2 Like the First Time
1.3 Lonesome Memories
1.4 Baby Stand Beside Me
1.5 I Can Always Love You
1.6 Texas with You
1.7 Angel of Music
1.8 Texas When I Die
1.9 Dream Girl
1.10 Bandit Moon
1.11 When I Say Goodbye
1.12 Where I've Always Been
1.13 Have You Ever Seen Texas

Payton & Crazywater: I Come from Texas

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