Peace of Rock

Peace of Rock: Piece of Me

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Artist: Peace of Rock

Artist: Peace of Rock
Title: Piece of Me

Our music is a mixture of clean, distorted and acoustic guitars, keyboards, violin, powerful rhythm section, periodic sound effects and voices that tell stories which deliver messages that can cause someone else to think. Peace of Rock - Piece of Me is not one particular style of rock music. We didn't try to sound like anyone other than ourselves. However we are all influenced by many sources and styles of music, so naturally some of those influences can be detected at times. Each song on this album is different than the one before it. No one can claim "it all sounds the same". I wrote poems about what I thought and turned them into songs with the help of several very talented people. Our website offers a great deal of thought from my free thinking mind. My primary message within this album is one of peace, the desire and pursuit of peace and my opinions about what keeps peace from occurring and maintaining. Being a free man in a free country I have the constitutionally protected right to say, write or sing what I believe to be true. I have lots of opinions based on what I see, hear, smell, taste and touch. I hope to find, through my music, people that agree with me and then take a piece of me and spread my peace everywhere they go. RLNunJ - POR - POM.

1.1 Liquids of Life
1.2 Five Senses
1.3 Undeniable Truths
1.4 Floatin in Space
1.5 Rivers and Streams
1.6 Hounder of Rock
1.7 Rhythm of Steel
1.8 Piece of Me
1.9 Lyrical Impotence
1.10 Understand
1.11 Learned to Burn
1.12 I Know

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