Peg Espinola

Peg Espinola: Thoughts en Route to the Hairdresser

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Peg Espinola

Title: Thoughts en Route to the Hairdresser
Label: CD Baby

Peg was raised in a musical family and then discovered the emerging folk scene in the mid-1950's, learning to play the guitar (from Mike Seeger) at fifteen. After decades of singing others' music--traditional tunes, singer-songwriter covers, etc.--she began writing her own songs in 2004. Some of her songs reflect her senior-citizen demographic (for instance, Frisky Grandma Blues, on this third CD) but many others reflect more universal concerns and subjects (By Our Tote Bags You Shall Know Us, Close Encounter of a Weird Kind). Fellow musician Jon McAuliffe speaks to her fans' appreciation of her light touch: 'Peg's ability to deliver thought-provoking songs with humor, intelligence, grace, simplicity and a lighter-than-air feeling is quite impressive. I'm musing, I'm laughing, I'm enjoying.' Billy Jonas, another musician, says, 'Her songs are wonderful! Heartfelt and honest and sweet and sad and funny and intriguing...GREAT melodies!' Peg placed third in the Boston Folk Festival Songwriting Contest in 2007. She has co-hosted and been featured on Nick Noble's Folk Revival program which airs in the Worcester, MA area on WICN. Peg's son Steve Espinola, a singer-songwriter and keyboard player from New York, joins her on two tracks on this CD.

1.1 Close Encounter of a Weird Kind
1.2 The Ballad of Otto, Adolph and Hannah
1.3 Mirrors
1.4 Frisky Grandma Blues
1.5 Lament for Dave
1.6 Trolling for Men
1.7 Regret and Other Follies
1.8 Ode to Bob Franke
1.9 Song for Jay
1.10 Backward, Backward We Are Marching
1.11 By Our Tote Bags You Shall Know Us
1.12 Thoughts en Route to the Hairdresser

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