Peggy Ratusz

Peggy Ratusz: Infused with the Blues

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Artist: Peggy Ratusz

Artist: Peggy Ratusz
Title: Infused with the Blues

Twenty-five of Western North Carolina's most gifted vocalists and instrumentalists bring this album to life. Some of them unsung hero's living under the radar and some of them living their music out loud; all of them dear people and dear friends. The opening track features Doc Watson's niece Kellin, who is Asheville's best female song crafter and is as striking, soulful, warm and wonderful as her songs. Nashville rising singer/songwriter, Joshua Singleton lends his soulfilled and edgy voice and masterful harmonica skills on 3 tracks while Jazz bassist, Mike Holstein delivers a remarkable upright solo on Big Man. Two of the regions finest singers, Amy LaDeroutte and Paula Hanke bring stylistic prowess as backing vocalists on Sins and Lonely Avenue. Warren Haynes's guitar teacher and childhood friend, Mike Barnes jams on Blue Persuasion, brings meloncholy to A Thousand Miles and grit and relief to Wastin' Away. Laura Michaels, Asheville's best kept songstress and poignant lyricist shares lead vocals with Jim Arrendell and I on All For One. And speaking of Jim Arrendell, you'll find him either fronting, producing or drumming his way into a countless number of musical endeavors. The keyboardists on this record are 3 stellar fellas. Patrick Boland, a fine composer brings the characters to life in Big Man. George Scott excersises his blues chops on Lonely Avenue and Brian Turner ignites the heartache in A Thousand Miles while his nostalgic fender rhodes solo on Blue Persuasion slays. Lauren Jones, Crystal Bray and Rhoda Weaver add just the right touch with their heartfelt background performance on A Thousand Miles. Mike Rothacker, my friend and commrade plays bass with passion and grit on 6 tracks, Duane Simpson, my musical partner and co-writer does everything right and good and fine on 9 tracks, Joey Katkowsky who's last name I mispelled on the CD (it's 'sky' not 'ski') jump starts and revs through and brings home the rhythm on 3 tracks and one of the finest bassists ever to step foot in North Carolina, Rob Geisler graces you and us on 2 tracks. A fitting closing song written by David Grissom and one of my all time favorite tunes, A Good Day for the Blues has a Steel Drum solo by the astoundingly talented, jazz, fusion, funk composer Jonathan Scales that you mustn't miss. I feel honored to have been able to lay my vocals down and around each and every one of these fine musicians. Their love and support of me helps me understand that at the tender age of 53, it's high time I fully realize and more consistantly realize that these songs I've penned have value as much as any songs do. The world is saturated with talent and the internet age has given way to a robust array of musical artists and crafters so full and mighty that there's not enough time in a lifetime to hear us all. But it's all valuable, even if you can't hear all of it; and even if you can't like everything you do hear. We are all in our place even though not all of us will be heard or preferred.

1.1 Live Doll
1.2 No More
1.3 Honey Boy
1.4 Big Man
1.5 Sins
1.6 Victim of the Blues
1.7 Blue Persuasion
1.8 A Thousand Miles
1.9 All for One
1.10 Miss Blue
1.11 Lonely Avenue
1.12 Wastin Away
1.13 Good Day for the Blues

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