Pekka Pylkkanen Tube Factory

Pekka Pylkkanen Tube Factory: Listen!

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Artist: Pekka Pylkkanen Tube Factory
Title: Listen!

I first met Pekka Pylkkanen in Helsinki in the early eighties while working in Helsinki with the UMO Big Band He was an aspiring saxophonist who approached me about having a lesson. I remember this young lad coming to my hotel with a moderate amount of skills and a strong desire to learn as much as he could about the music. Even then I sensed that this guy would go far. Fast-forward 25 years. Pekka send me a copy of his latest recording, and what I hear is a mature player who has truly come up with a compelling sound, both as a composer and instrumentalist. The music on this CD is simply great, and I am very happy to see and hear that Pekka has grown into the musician that he is today. He's created compositions with an elegant complexity that showcases his saxophone playing in a unique and personal way. The band sounds wonderful on Pekka's arrangements, and plays the music with grace and style. The music warrants multiple listenings in order to catch all the nuance of the writing and playing. I find that I like the music more with each listening. I urge you all to let this recording grow on you, and spend the time to fully absorb all that it has to offer. Pekka Pylkkanen and company have made a great recording that will remain in my CD changer for quite a wile to come. Bob Mintzer.

1.1 Rhythm Powder
1.2 Escaping the Andes
1.3 Senor Alejandro
1.4 Old C
1.5 Master Yoda
1.6 Small Toes
1.7 A Cry for Africa

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