Penelope Torribio

Penelope Torribio: Headed for a Good Time

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Title: Headed for a Good Time
Label: CD Baby

A poet friend of mine dubbed Penelope a 'country' Edith Piaf-the Parisian operatic street singer who wove stories out of the lives she saw around her. What distinguishes Penelope's songs from most in pop and country alike is that they are not generally lamentations or love songs, from anyone, to anyone. Each springs from a specific moment in a woman's life. Or actually, there are an assortment of women: One has car trouble, one is suddenly single, one cheats on her diet, one is a truck driver's wife Combine these fine and true lyrics with strong melodies and you have a great listen experience ahead of you. Suzanne Lummis, poet, journalist, playwright, and director of the L.A. Poetry Festival. Musically this album runs the gamut from the country rock, 'I'm Going to Get Over You After All' and 'Singles Bar' to the lyrical, 'When the Lady Sings the Blues' and 'Going On, Going On.' Penelope is a past recipient of The Vocalist of the Year for the California Country Music Association. She has performed throughout Southern California and beyond at festivals and clubs. 'I love the traditional country sound of this album,' Dan Dobrin 'Penelope is a songwriters songwriter,' Bob Shrieves.

1.1 Flat Tire, Stick-Shifting, Blues
1.2 I Love the Way You Lie
1.3 Wife of a Truck Diving Man
1.4 My Daddy Was the Best
1.5 When You Dream of Her, Reach for Me
1.6 Hard Country Music
1.7 Suddenly Single
1.8 When the Lady Sings Theblues
1.9 Going on Going on
1.10 I'm Going to Get Over You
1.11 Singles Bar
1.12 I'm Tired of Floor Mopping
1.13 No Road from the Barroom
1.14 Jumping from the Frying Pan
1.15 It's Not That Good Being Poor
1.16 Cheating Again
1.17 There's a Wolf Howling
1.18 Headed for a Good Time

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