Penetration: Virgin Years

Penetration: Virgin Years
Title: Virgin Years
Label: Caroline

UK four CD set. Fronted by Pauline Murray, Penetration debuted in late '77 with the seminal "Don't Dictate" 45 and over the next two years issued two albums and five singles all of which are included on this 62 track set. Disc 1 is the Moving Targets album which hit #22 in the UK National Charts. Disc 2 is the Coming Up For Air LP, a National Chart #36 hit. The third disc features the rare 16 track Race Against Time "Official Bootleg" of demos and live tracks recorded during their time with Virgin Records. Disc 4 contains two previously unissued studio sessions recorded for the John Peel Show as well as a superb "In Concert" recorded for Radio 1 in the spring of 1979. The "Don't Dictate", "Firing Squad", "Life's A Gamble", "Danger Signs" and "Come In To The Open" singles are all featured. Detailed 20 page booklet contains informative sleeve notes by Cindy Stern plus pictures of all relevant singles sleeves.

1.1 Future Daze
1.2 Life's a Gamble
1.3 Lover of Outrage
1.4 Vision
1.5 Silent Community
1.6 Stone Heroes
1.7 Movement
1.8 Too Many Friends
1.9 Reunion
1.10 Nostalgia
1.11 Free Money
1.12 Don't Dictate
1.13 Money Talks
1.14 Firing Squad
1.15 Never
1.16 V.I.P
2.1 Shout Above the Noise
2.2 She Is the Slave
2.3 Last Saving Grace
2.4 Killed in the Rush
2.5 Challenge
2.6 Come Into the Open
2.7 What's Going on
2.8 Party's Over
2.9 On Reflection
2.10 Lifeline
2.11 New Recruit
2.12 Danger Signs (Live)
2.13 Stone Heroes (Live)
2.14 Vision (Live)
3.1 Duty Free Technology
3.2 Firing Squad
3.3 Race Against Time
3.4 In the Future
3.5 Free Money
3.6 Never
3.7 V.I.P
3.8 Silent Community
3.9 Don't Dictate
3.10 Come Into the Open
3.11 Movement
3.12 Lovers of Outrage
3.13 She Is the Slave
3.14 Too Many Friends
3.15 Killed in the Rush
3.16 Danger Signs (Different Studio Version)
4.1 Future Daze
4.2 Vision
4.3 Stone Heroes
4.4 Movement
4.5 Danger Signs
4.6 Last Saving Grace
4.7 She Is the Slave
4.8 On Reflection
4.9 Danger Signs
4.10 Lovers of Outrage
4.11 She Is the Slave
4.12 Come Into the Open
4.13 Movement
4.14 Nostalgia
4.15 Free Money
4.16 Stone Heroes

Penetration: Virgin Years

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