Penka Kouneva

Penka Kouneva: Rebirth Of Id

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Artist: Penka Kouneva

Artist: Penka Kouneva
Title: Rebirth Of Id

1.1 Water Over Parched Land
1.2 Boys in the Salt Flats
1.3 In a Stunning Upset
1.4 Where Are You, Mother?
1.5 Claire Vick's Longing
1.6 Claire Vick's Regrets
1.7 Claire Vick's Haunted Heart
1.8 Claire Vick's Thwarted Hopes
1.9 Night Visions of the Young Executive
1.10 Isolation
1.11 The Piano Music Lover
1.12 The Church Goes Up in Flames
1.13 Glimmer
1.14 Hideous Monster Rising
1.15 The Motherland
1.16 Trains to Moscone (Co - Composed with Dan Diaz)

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