Penta Dre

Penta Dre: Chamber Music

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Penta Dre

Title: Chamber Music
Label: Atma Classique

Francis Poulenc's catalogue contains some 200 works, consisting of mostly of vocal music. It also includes many pieces for piano, four concertos, music for the theatre, three ballets, and a dozen works of chamber music. For this recording, Pentaedre has chosen major chamber music works including the sextet and trio with piano and sonatas for wind instruments.

1.1 Allegro Vivace: Tres Vite Et Emporte
1.2 Divertissement: Andantino
1.3 Finale: Prestissimo
1.4 Allegro Malinconico
1.5 Cantilena
1.6 Presto Giocoso
1.7 Elegie for Horn and Piano, FP168
1.8 Allegro Tristement: Allegretto - Tres Calme - Tempo Allegretto
1.9 Romanza: Tres Calme
1.10 Allegro Con Fuoco: Tres Anime
1.11 Presto
1.12 Andante
1.13 Rondo
1.14 Novelette No. 1 in C Major: Modere Sans Lenteur

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