Peo: Climbing to the Sun

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Artist: Peo

Artist: Peo
Title: Climbing to the Sun

Climbing to the sun is Peo's second acoustic album. And on several songs you can hear famous guest musicians Ronny Nyman:-Trumpet Gustav Hagelberg -Saxophone Inger Nordström -Lead Vocals Nino Ferraz-Latin Percussion Janne Lindgren-Steel Guitar The songs are written in various places around the world and are a bit more varied in style compared to Peo's first acoustic album! You can hear the nylon string guitar with flamenco influences but also country and folk music roots. Peo has also been honored to use two of Nino Ferazz compositions which has roots in the Brazilian and Indian music culture. This album is great to listen to if you want to relax, meditate or just rest your ears! Enjoy.

1.1 Mahal Kita
1.2 Hundred Days
1.3 Without Your Nail You'll Fail
1.4 Sabor de Côco
1.5 A Waltz in the Summer Night
1.6 Over and Over
1.7 A Carta
1.8 I Can't Face Virginia One More Time
1.9 You're Waking My Heart Again
1.10 Längtan

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