Peo: Hardest Rock

Peo: Hardest Rock
Title: Hardest Rock
Label: CD Baby

This year (2011) i hit a personal high. This is the first time i released two albums in one year! The hardest rock is an album without compromise. The songs are routed in the 70-80 century hard rock the period when hard rock was born! Don't be surprised if you find it sounds a bit deep purple, whitesnake, or dio. I'm not trying to hide my influences on the contrary, it has been fun to revel in this spirit. This album is for those who grew up during this period and want a little nostalgia trip back to the 70's cheers i want to thank all the people living their dreams and those who have the courage to follow their own intentions. Here are some of my friends who constantly encourages me! Dan boström/john turner micke därth/henric johansson axel karlsson/rod west christian habel/björn stigsson kjell andersson/håkan andersson leif holmäng/gunilla karlsson jeroen ehlen/yuki sakai niklas edberger/my family some of my best friends joined and played on the album thanks so much guys for your cooperation dan boström lead guitar track 9 micke därth guitar on track 5, 7 henric johansson keys on track 5, 7 linus abrahamsson guitars on track 5, 7.

1.1 A Violent Wind
1.2 Long Way from Home
1.3 Fighting Against the Time
1.4 Nahham
1.5 Random Pain
1.6 Run for You Life
1.7 Shine
1.8 Skyrider
1.9 When the Feeling Is Ending
1.10 Caldera

Peo: Hardest Rock

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