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People Say Fox: People Say Fox

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Product Type: CD
Artist: People Say Fox

Title: People Say Fox
Label: CD Baby

The People Say Fox was birthed in March 08 as a small acoustic poppy folk band called Erth. After the addition of a few more members, it grew into a full on folk rock band. After adding a new drummer, writing new songs and reworking old ones, we decided to record a full length. While recording, we decided to change our name to reflect the evolution of the band. A lot of work and a lot of debt later, our self-titled debut CD was finished. 13 tracks, and clocking in at about 70 minutes, we are unbelievably proud of what we have created. Now, I don't expect many people to just buy this having never even heard of us, so I invite you to visit our website and listen to the album in it's entirety for free before you make a decision. We've come a very long way, and I think we have created a unique and very diverse sound. I hope that it may move you as it has moved me these past 22 months. ' Music that'll make you wanna dance will never be out of style, and The People Say Fox is just that. A suitable soundtrack for a great gathering of friends. With a Midwest bent to it's catchy pop sound, the band is able to keep it upbeat while giving the audience plenty of great lyrics to scan the liner notes for. All things considered, The People Say Fox are probably one of the top five bands I've come across in the area, and I look forward to seeing them when they get an East coast tour together. There's plenty of mediocrity on the shelves these days, but The People Say Fox is nowhere near that, solid sounds from a group who clearly enjoy what they do. Pick up your copy of the band's self-titled album today.' --Christopher Llewellyn Adams,

1.1 Flight
1.2 Rest My Eyes
1.3 Ivory
1.4 8 Years
1.5 Swim
1.6 Facing the Clouds
1.7 The Departure
1.8 The Living - Part I
1.9 The Living - Part II
1.10 Owari
1.11 To Desperation
1.12 Windmills
1.13 Impatient Lover (Bonus)

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