Perilous Tide: Nights with You

Perilous Tide: Nights with You
Title: Nights with You
Label: CD Baby

After the release of The Perilous Tide's debut album 'From the Other Side', with it's many swells and peaks of the power pop/rock strata, the three songwriters of Lasch/Rierson/Wilson decided to come to a happy middle ground of short and sweet full flavored guitar songs (with the exception of the 9 plus minute Run on Boredom). A six song EP that includes a sonic version of The Cosmic Rough Rider's 'I Got over You' to close out the set. Visions of Guided by Voices/The Who start the disc with Father Nelson. 'I Never Knew' is a power pop single that should be on every rock radio station. Title track 'Nights With You' turns a corner with doo whop vocals and starry duel guitar hooks while 'Wild at Heart' ends side A with a nice honoraria to fast paced X lovers.

1.1 Father Nelson (Beware the Whiskey Priest)
1.2 I Never Knew
1.3 Nights with You
1.4 Wild at Heart
1.5 Run on Boredom (The Perilous Fight)
1.6 I Got Over You

Perilous Tide: Nights with You

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