Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys: Behaviour: Further Listening 1990-1991

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pet Shop Boys

Title: Behaviour: Further Listening 1990-1991
Label: Rhino / Parlophone

Digitally remastered and expanded two CD set. Behaviour was Pet Shop Boys' fourth studio album, recorded largely in Munich, Germany at producer Harold Faltermeyer's studio. The album was then completed at London's Sarm West Studios, and was released in October 1990 - hitting #2 on the UK Album Chart and going on to earn platinum certification. The album is seen by some as one of Pet Shop Boys' most contemplative and moving records, and features the singles 'So hard', 'How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?' and their classic track 'Being boring'. This Catalogue release of Behaviour features Further listening bonus tracks such as an extended mix of 'Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)' and an ambient mix of 'Music For Boys' - both of which are previously unreleased on CD.

1.1 Being Boring (2018 Remastered Version)
1.2 This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave (2018 Remastered Version)
1.3 To Face the Truth (2018 Remastered Version)
1.4 How Can You Expect to Be Taken Seriously? (2018 Remastered Version)
1.5 Only the Wind (2018 Remastered Version)
1.6 My October Symphony (2018 Remastered Version)
1.7 So Hard (2018 Remastered Version)
1.8 Nervously (2018 Remastered Version)
1.9 The End of the World (2018 Remastered Version)
1.10 Jealousy (2018 Remastered Version)
2.1 It Must Be Obvious (2018 Remastered Version)
2.2 So Hard (Extended Dance Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]
2.3 Miserablism (2018 Remastered Version)
2.4 Being Boring (Extended Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]
2.5 Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend (2018 Remastered Version)
2.6 We All Feel Better in the Dark (Extended Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]
2.7 Where the Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You) [Extended Mix] [2018 Remastered Versio
2.8 Jealousy (Extended Version) [2018 Remastered Version]
2.9 Generic Jingle (2018 Remastered Version)
2.10 DJ Culture (Extended Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]
2.11 Was It Worth It? (12' Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]
2.12 Music for Boys (Ambient Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]
2.13 DJ Culture (7' Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]

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