Pete Bassman

Pete Bassman: Lost In Space

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Pete Bassman

Artist: Pete Bassman
Title: Lost In Space
Product Type: VINYL LP

Pete Bain aka Pete Bassman, pioneer and the true bassist from Spacemen 3, The Darkside and Alpha Stone revisits Höga Nord. Now he's back with his first solo album, Lost in Space. Opening track "Music For Modern Living" sets the tone: psychedelic, electronic and atmospheric. Tracks "Sweet" and "Echo Lane" will make your brain dance. The haunting, dark and beautiful track "Scars" sounds like stalking aliens lurking from a distance, searching for ideal human guinea pigs. Ambient music to get abducted and spaced out to.

1.1 Music for Modern Living
1.2 Fast Fluing Fluid
1.3 Wolf Eater
1.4 Fabrik
1.5 Sweet 16
1.6 Mettalic Decade
1.7 Distant Funk
1.8 Echo Lane
1.9 Scars
1.10 Let's Do It

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