Pete Flux & Parental

Pete Flux & Parental: Infinite Growth

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Artist: Pete Flux & Parental
Title: Infinite Growth
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing. Infinite Growth is an enthralling hip-hop odyssey that emphatically marks the debut full length project of intercontinental duo Pete Flux & Parental. As a musical entity, the pair have matured significantly over the course of releasing several singles and an EP. Both emcee and producer have clearly been sharpening their swords to a micron edged blade tip; and this album is the manifestation of both individual and reciprocal artistic development. The twelve tracks within this album contain enough diversity of sound to satisfy any hip-hop enthusiast. Pete and Parental pay musical homage to the pioneers of the genre that came before them; but are also carving out an inimitable style of their own.

1.1 Counter (Cuts By Venom)
1.2 With My Kin
1.3 Scaling Feat. Paranom (Of Tragic Allies)
1.4 What They Need
1.5 MDS Feat. Epidemic
1.6 Revenge of the Pen
1.7 Feel Feat. Lex (De Kalhex)
1.8 Say Aye
1.9 Burgermeister (Cuts By Debonair P)
1.10 Roll Call
1.11 Landmarks
1.12 0.270833333333333

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