Pete: Repetes

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Artist: Pete

Artist: Pete
Title: Repetes

In the summer of 1970, four young musicians who had just graduated from high school formed a band called Pete. They played heavy rock and roll. After the band broke up, they went to college, got jobs, got married, raised their children and lived their own lives. Thirty-seven years later, an email put them back in touch and they decided to get the band back together and record a CD of what they thought Pete would sound like today. The result is The Repetes, a CD of good old rock and roll, with a dose of blues and some extra heaviness thrown into the mix. The band includes original members Mark on guitar, Bob on keyboards, Joe on drums, and Don on vocals, with the addition of the newest member Colin (Mark\'s son) on bass. They are already looking forward to recording the next Pete CD. So whether you were around in the seventies or the eighties or even the nineties, there is something on this CD for everyone who likes rock and roll music.

1.1 Hit the Button
1.2 Lonely Boy
1.3 Driving Rain
1.4 You
1.5 I'm Not Trying
1.6 Stardust
1.7 Reality
1.8 Tension Dimension
1.9 Rainy Streets

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