Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger: Pete Seeger: How Can I Keep from Singing

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Artist: Pete Seeger

Artist: Pete Seeger
Title: Pete Seeger: How Can I Keep from Singing

Pete Seeger: How Can I Keep From Singing? reveals an inside history of American folk music's most famous and controversial performer in three, one-hour programs, produced and hosted by David K. Dunaway, and originally distributed by PRI. Program I: Origins - How did a Harvard-educated boy become a radical, hitchhiking, banjo-playing, political activist? Program I explores Seeger's youth and America's folk revival of the 1930s and '40s. Program II: Folk Songs and Ballads - This program evokes the exciting folk music revival of the 1950s and '60s and the role Seeger played in it. Program III: Topical and Protest Songs - This program looks at the tradition of singing out for social change, and how the music of the Civil Rights, anti-war, and environmental movements galvanized Seeger's life. About the Producer - David K. Dunaway has been a prize-winning radio producer for decades, specializing in historical and literary documentaries. He\'s the author of a half-dozen volumes of history and biography, including How Can I Keep From Singing? The Ballad of Pete Seeger (Villard/Random House, 2008), a consultant at the National Parks Service, and he teaches at the University of New Mexico.

1.1 Origins
1.2 Origins
1.3 Origins
1.4 Origins
1.5 Origins
1.6 Origins
1.7 Origins
1.8 Origins
1.9 Origins
2.1 Folk Songs ; Ballads
2.2 Folk Songs ; Ballads
2.3 Folk Songs ; Ballads
2.4 Folk Songs ; Ballads
2.5 Folk Songs ; Ballads
2.6 Folk Songs ; Ballads
2.7 Folk Songs ; Ballads
2.8 Folk Songs ; Ballads
2.9 Folk Songs ; Ballads
2.10 Folk Songs ; Ballads
3.1 Topical ; Protest Songs
3.2 Topical ; Protest Songs
3.3 Topical ; Protest Songs
3.4 Topical ; Protest Songs
3.5 Topical ; Protest Songs
3.6 Topical ; Protest Songs
3.7 Topical ; Protest Songs
3.8 Topical ; Protest Songs
3.9 Topical ; Protest Songs

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